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whaisadvertising2020I have attended a plethora of summits and conventions this year. Here are the highlights.


Search is becoming so complex that managing it via a portfolio perspective is becoming a must.



  • Bid rules have inherent limits based on your campaign and adgroup structure. A portfolio approach can better match your best spend to top performers.
  • It is also essential to have restraints on your portfolios so that you are properly covering all of your offers (models).

The smarter the tool (bid manager) the more important the process.

Attribution is critical to any large scale SEM implementation.

  • Determining assist (at either impression or click level) is the next stage of optimization. Some clicks may not result in a KPI but will engender additional searches for other keywords in your account.

Device Types Blurring

  • Tablet has largely joined the ranks of PC/Laptop. So much so that Google’e new enhanced campaigns now blend them by default.
  • A tablet user is often not very mobile. They are using it as a replacement for a laptop or a second screen when watching TV.

Device Types Confusion

  • People are searching from multiple devices and most cannot recall which device they used for a particular search unless it was a local search.
  • People are accessing video content and are often not able to recall which device they watched it on. Sometimes its more than one for the same video, show, movie.

AdCopy/Landing Page to Device Type. AdCopy/Landing Page to Time of Day

  • Particular Ad copy can and should be written for either PC/Tablet or Smartphone. This has been embraced by Google with the development of enhanced campaigns.
  • AdCopy can also be written for for time of day or day of week.

The Mobile Day of Reckoning

  • Mobile is upon us. Typically referred to Smartphone. There is a growing number of people using only a smartphone for all searches. They do not own a PC. The age range of these folks is still younger but is trending older. There is an increasing chance that your mobile ads (and landing pages) will be the only impression you get to make to a potential client.

Search and Social

  • Expect a much larger blurring of search and social results. When searching for something do I also want to know what my friends (social circle) think of it?
  • Will people search from Facebook? Yes, they are doing it now.
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