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7 New Features in Google Analytics

Yes, yes. I have been waiting for a few of these. This is exciting stuff.
(I am aware of how nerdy this makes me sound. I am embracing it.) 8-O

I consider these new features as proof that Google monitors feedback. Several of these new features position Google Analytics with the top level (not to mention expensive) “Enterprise Class” programs.

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Tweet Analytics

Kind of expensive ($50.00 a month per domain) but still very cool.

The Boilerplate

Would you like to monitor the performance of the content on your blog/website? Would you like to know how far your content has spread virally through Twitter, which path it took, and who Retweeted it? Do you want to find out which user demographics were interested in your content, which Twitter users were more influential in causing further Retweets, and which Retweets resulted in more Twitter users clicking through to your content?

Companies, brands and agencies are under increasing pressure to provide proof of ROIs when it comes to social media. What the TweetMeme Analytics provide is a way to track the spread of content across Twitter, compare your campaigns with competitor campaigns, and to help improve strategies for future campaigns.

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Analytics Overview

Why are analytics important.