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How has social media and Web 2.0 changed the media landscape?


I was recently asked to briefly describe how social media has changed the marketing and advertising landscape. It’s an interesting question and I am glad that companies are starting to ask it.

The advent, adoption and use of Social media has created a new breed of professional consumer (Prosumer). People are empowered to research, share, opine and express. This creates a new challenge for traditional media and PR methods.

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Progress of Communication


Where do we go from here?

Speech gave us communication.
Language gave us structure and identification.

Writing gave us a the ability to transfer knowledge through time.

Printing made the whole thing faster and easier.

Computers gave us non tangible data.

The Internet gave us access to just about anything.
Social networking gave us community and the ability to share.

Mobile gave us “Now”

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Google Docs and Common Craft


Today’s post is all about two things l use and love.

I love Google Docs and I use it for just about everything. It has more or less replaced MS Office for me. My favorite and most used feature is collaboration. I can create a document or spreadsheet and collaborate with others. I can allow them to edit and view or just view. If I allow them to edit, I can track all changes either of us has made. It’s extremely useful for project management, working with clients, scripting a story, drafting post and anything that benefits from collaboration.

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