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Google Keyword Planner gets some extras.

If you are like me, you probably use the the Google keyword planner often. Well it just got a lot better. 8 new additions to give you much needed insight. Much needed and much appreciated Google.

Here are the new additions you have access to right now.

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Scroogled? Maybe, But do you care?


Microsoft wants to know if you are getting Scroogled?

They feel its important that you know that a computer program scans your gmail content in order to show relevant ads. Of course they don’t use that language. They are a little more descriptive.

“Your email is nobody else’s business. But Google makes it their business.”



Favorite Videos of 2012


No Gangam style here. These are my favorite marketing videos.

Yes, yes… some of them are not from 2012 but I discovered them in 2012 so I am counting them.

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