Favorite Videos of 2012


No Gangam style here. These are my favorite marketing videos.

Yes, yes… some of them are not from 2012 but I discovered them in 2012 so I am counting them.



The Power of Words
So very, very true!


The Olympic Mom Ad
Targeted, accentuated and perfectly delivered.


This guy has a whole series of these. They are all pretty good.


BioShock Infinite
I am not a gamer but wow. This is just game play. That is how they chose to market it. Great choice.



Go Pro
Hard to pick just one. Just about all of their videos are incredible.
As always, I love the fact that they are using their own product and I love this particular video.



Kia Optima Commercial
The best one of the Super Bowl.



Roller Kingdom
Say no to Crack, Say yes to Roller Skating. Awesome in every way. Low budget and funny as hell.

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