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Google Docs and Common Craft


Today’s post is all about two things l use and love.

I love Google Docs and I use it for just about everything. It has more or less replaced MS Office for me. My favorite and most used feature is collaboration. I can create a document or spreadsheet and collaborate with others. I can allow them to edit and view or just view. If I allow them to edit, I can track all changes either of us has made. It’s extremely useful for project management, working with clients, scripting a story, drafting post and anything that benefits from collaboration.

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Upper Deck Social Media Ranked #1

It’s always nice to get recognized. It’s great to show off a little. Most importantly, its an excellent example to learn from. Upper Deck was ranked #1 for social media presence beating out Topps, Tri-Star, Razor and others. I played a significant role in the social media strategies utilized at Upper Deck but it took a team of dedicated, passionate people to create visitor interaction and a presence that gets noticed. The simple lessons to take away.

  • Blog often.
  • Engage your visitors.
  • Show up where people already are.


VOC covered the most important aspects of social media engagement that any company can follow.

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Dude! Facebook Hits 350 Million Users!

Huge! Fast!


Now more than 350 million people around the world are using Facebook to share their lives online.

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